Webinar: City of Swan & Snap Send Solve Two-Way Integration

Recently we hosted a webinar with City of Swan about how their customer satisfaction rating has increased by 18%.

Two standout takeaways for us were:

  1. Phone calls for the City of Swan have dropped from 89% to 50% of all service requests.
  2. Two-way integration has fuelled their community’s adoption of Snap Send Solve, and the council has effortlessly handled the recent jump from 200 monthly reports to 1,400 monthly reports without batting an eyelid.

Some of the great questions we received

Bevan: Can we use the API to send a response to the customer?

Yes, absolutely! We encourage Solvers to use the API to send responses to customers. This improves the customer experience, promotes a feeling of inclusion, and encourages higher star ratings from Snappers for Solvers.

Georgia: Does SSS translate into LOTE?

We have the app available in Chinese, and are adding additional languages soon. Get in touch to let us know what languages would benefit your community the most.

Scott: How does Swan handle/address duplication of name and address details?

Answered live in the webinar - jump to 58m 17s.

We loved this feedback from Gavin:

“Same experience at City of Greater Dandenong. Call volumes are decreasing yet service requests are increasing (largely due to Snap Send Solve).”

Webinar recording

We delved into the partnership between Snap Send Solve and City of Swan in depth - check out the webinar recording below:

Jump to key moments

4:43 - Customer Service Channel Strategy

9:34 - Swan’s journey with Snap Send Solve from 2017

15:57 - About their Pathway Integration

16:38 - [Live Demo] Submitting a report from Snap Send Solve to City of Swan

18:20 - [Live Demo] City of Swan shows report in Pathway

26:40 - [Live Demo] Updated timeline of report in Snap Send Solve

42:00 - Successful Marketing & Promotional activities by City of Swan on social media channels

46:35 - Councillor engagement

49:39 - QR Code Reporting (with a QR you can try)

54:06 - Final questions

Keen to chat about Two Way Integration or have any questions? Get in touch.