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Waka Kotahi Taking Strides in Fixing Potholes

Waka Kotahi Taking Strides in Fixing Potholes

In the last year, the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has made significant strides in addressing potholes with the support of over 3,000 pothole-related reports being received from the community via Snap Send Solve.

The managing director of McLeod Cranes, Scott McLeod, recently expressed concern about the state of the nation's roads. However, Waka Kotahi's response has been proactive and solution-oriented.

System Manager Cara Lauder explained that during the winter maintenance period from May to September, they have dedicated crews patrolling for potholes, ensuring prompt resolution. Despite facing challenges from cyclones and continuous wet weather, the agency remains focused on maintaining safe roads for all.

In the past year, roads have been deteriorating quicker than usual due to a recent cyclone and continuing wet weather. Snap Send Solve's CEO, Danny Gorog, emphasised the significant growth in pothole reporting through the app.

Here's where you can play a crucial role. Snap Send Solve enable you to report potholes and other community issues conveniently. With just a 30-second report, you can directly connect with the local council or road authority, known as Solvers, and receive updates on the progress of the solution.

By working together and reporting potholes through Snap Send Solve, we actively contribute to creating safer and smoother roads. Together with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, let’s keep on our mission to enhance road infrastructure and ensure the well-being of all motorists.

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