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Top Issues in South Australia: Danny Gorog Talks to FIVEAA Adelaide

Our CEO, Danny Gorog, was recently interviewed by Stacy Lee on FIVEAA Adelaide!

South Australia is booming with Snap Send Solve activity, and we're on track to handle over 50,000 Snaps this year.

Here are the top three issues South Australian residents have reported so far:

  1. Abandoned Trolleys: Up a whopping 78% from last year. Those pesky trolleys are becoming a real nuisance!
  2. Rubbish and Bins: Increased by 57% on last year. Clean streets are a must, and our Snappers are on it.
  3. Trees: Snaps have risen by 38%.
Stacy even shared her personal experience using our app. She Snapped a damaged water fountain and was amazed by the quick response from her local Solver. It’s stories like these that keep us motivated to make a difference.

Curious to hear more? Listen to the full segment now and see how Snap Send Solve is making South Australia a better place, one Snap at a time.

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