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The Challenges of Navigating Sydney's Footpaths

“I tripped over an uneven section of footpath while I was walking my dog. I completely tore my rotator cuff tendons and had to have an operation which resulted in permanent nerve damage.”

Lenore Kulakauskas, having experienced a footpath hazard firsthand, understands the importance of addressing this issue.

In Western Sydney, there has been a 29% increase in damaged footpaths Snaps, and Lenore's story sheds light on the real consequences. Sydney pedestrians are facing challenges navigating deteriorating footpaths, accelerated by factors like tree roots, unauthorised vehicles, utility works, water damage, and sunlight.

From January to October 2023 alone, we saw 5,461 damaged footpath Snaps sent in NSW. Maintaining safe and well-kept footpaths is crucial for our communities. Learn more about Snapping footpath hazards.

By doing so, we can collectively contribute to keeping our shared spaces safe, clean, and great to be in.

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