Sydney is facing an explosion of pothole sightings!

From January to March of 2024, we received over 1,900 pothole Snaps.

Following April’s heavy rains, that number increased by 153%.

Our CEO, Danny Gorog,  recently spoke with Clinton Maynard on 2GB Radio Sydney about this increase. During their conversation, Clinton guessed that only 40% of Snaps were marked as Solved. However, the actual figure is approaching an impressive 90%!

While pothole signings are increasing in New South Wales, they’re not the most Snapped issue. Check out these top issues for New South Wales Snappers.

  1. Parking and car issues with 16,400 + Snaps.
  2. Rubbish and bin issues with 14,200 + Snaps.
  3. Abandoned trolleys with close to 13,000 Snaps.
  4. Tree issues, including overgrown vegetation with close to 9,000 Snaps.

Listen to the full segment below to hear Danny and Clinton’s full discussion.

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