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South Australia pothole reports increase by 109%

Pothole reports in South Australia have doubled - up 109% since 2022. Our CEO Danny Gorog joins Jules Schiller on ABC Radio Adelaide to provide insight into this pothole increase. Year on year, pothole reports have risen by 90% across Australia and New Zealand, with the larger Roads and Signage category increasing by 136%. With half a million user across Australia and New Zealand, 90% of Snappers let us know that their issue got Solved through Snap Send Solve.

Danny states that the first step to getting potholes repaired is sending a report to the relevant authority. And this is where the first hurdle occurs, some roads are council roads and some are state roads. Some community members may not know who to report the issue to, finding it too hard and not continuing to submit the report.

This is where Snap Send Solve comes to help, it’s no only easier for community members to start Snapping issues but it’s easy for Solvers to process the reports and keep Snappers in the loop. If we get it wrong and a Snap goes to the wrong Solver, Solvers can easily reassign the Snap in one click to the correct Solver.

Listeners were prompted to text and call in, inviting conversations about anything and everything pothole related. The shows first text in, says that they Snap a photo and the next day the pothole was fixed. Pete calls in to mirror this praise, having Snapped a pothole himself and having it repaired the next day. Self proclaimed “old fart”, Pete says the if he could work it out, it must be easy to use.

Another texter, notes the importance of reporting potholes in regional areas saying that  “some potholes in regional roads so big you could hold a wedding reception in them.” Start reporting potholes today to keep roads safe for everyone.

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