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Snapper Steve Highlights Accessibility Parking Issues in Christchurch NZ

Snapper Steve Cousins, a wheelchair user in Christchurch, was recently featured on RNZ Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan. Steve shared how Snap Send Solve helps him tackle mis-parked cars that cause disruptions for those with mobility impairments.

As a wheelchair user, Steve is often forced to navigate around cars parked on footpaths by moving onto the road. He uses Snap Send Solve as an advocacy tool, to bring attention to the accessibility issues he faces. During his interview, host Jesse asked Steve if Snap Send Solve has been helpful to him. Steve replied,

"100%! It's the best thing that any council has ever done! You don't always know who to contact. You hop onto the app, put it through, and you know it's going to be sent within minutes to the people who need to know about it.”

A big thank you to Steve for raising awareness of how our app can help draw councils’ attention towards accessibility issues! Listen to Steve below as he chats with host Jesse Mulligan on RNZ Radio and learn how mis-parked cars can pose accessibility issues for many members of our community: