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Navigating the Surge in e-scooter Snaps

In the ever-evolving landscape of urban mobility, this year has brought about a remarkable 30% surge in Snaps related to e-scooters and share-bikes. This surge prompted us to take a proactive step in enhancing our app, introducing a dedicated category to effectively address this growing concern in the community. Now, Snaps will be sent to the e-scooter provider directly.

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While e-scooters and share-bikes are great for quick, green travel, their often haphazard placement has become a real issue, especially on footpaths. They can create obstacles for people using wheelchairs or pushing prams, turning simple walks into challenging journeys.

Our CEO, Danny Gorog, draws on his experience, stating, “I’ve used e-scooters in European cities, and you can only get off them in certain areas, like docking zones.” This raises pertinent questions about the need for responsible usage and appropriate parking infrastructure. Read Ian Royall’s full coverage on this hot topic below.