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Illegal Parking Woes in Perth’s North

Illegal parking is becoming a real headache for residents in Perth's northern suburbs.

With Snap Send Solve data revealing a staggering 61% increase in parking complaints this year, it's clear this issue is on the rise.

Perth local Kevin West, Snaps illegal parking incidents at least once a week. He describes the frustration of navigating around these vehicles, “you’ve either got to try and squeeze past on the lefthand side of the vehicle or alternatively you’ve physically got to walk into the traffic.”

But why is illegal parking such a problem? It’s more than just an inconvenience. Illegally parked cars can block pedestrian pathways, create hazardous situations for those with mobility issues, and disrupt traffic flow. This can lead to accidents, delays, and increased stress for everyone on the go.

Our community is tacklling these issues head-on, making our streets safer and more accessible. By using Snap Send Solve, residents can quickly Snap illegal parking, making sure that councils are alerted and can take appropriate action.

Want to hear more about this growing issue and what’s being done to address it?

Check out the full article and see our CEO Danny Gorog’s commentary on the increase in illegal parking reports.

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