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The Daily Telegraph 'Dumper Dobbers'

We all share the frustration of junk left on our streets tarnishing the beauty of our beloved cities. But one Sydney real estate agent, Ty Demirezen, is leading the charge to make a difference in the eastern suburbs with Snap Send Solve.

Ty recently spoke to The Daily Telegraph about the impact of a clean and inviting environment on the perception of potential buyers. For Ty, in real estate, dumped rubbish and graffiti can create the wrong impression, making people hesitant to invest in the area. Keeping the streets clean not only elevates the community's well-being but also boosts property values and the local economy.

“There’s a huge impact, we are in a world where Instagram and image is everything… if they see dumped rubbish or graffiti they think this area must be rough and they are less likely to buy,” he said. “Cleaning up and making a place feel inviting drastically changes people’s mindset”.

He wants other Sydneysiders to join him. “It takes 30 seconds to send a report and get someone on it”.

Join Ty in showing that you take pride in your city’s cleanliness.