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Christchurch City Council’s Graffiti Team Using Snap Send Solve.

Meet Margaret and Neil Chapman, Snappers who volunteer for Christchurch City Council’s Graffiti Team. Becoming frustrated with the constant tagging of walkways surrounding her home, Margaret became a volunteer for Christchurch City Council’s Graffiti Team. Margaret and Neil are now among 135 Spotters who use Snap Send Solve to report graffiti.

65% of all reported graffiti in the area comes through Snap Send Solve from dedicated volunteer Spotters like Margaret.

Our CEO, Danny Gorog, states that “It’s great to see how people are using it to improve their community. Often you see software that doesn’t have any impact in the real world but this does, and people feel their community improving over time.”

Spotters like Margaret are making a huge impact on their community, with 87,371sqm of graffiti removed in 2022. Join over 50,000 monthly users across Australia and New Zealand working to better our shared spaces. Get Snapping graffiti to improve the look of your community today.