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Channel 7 News Pothole Crisis

Pothole reports have surged up by 30% across Victoria in the past year. In the last year, 1,300 potholes have been reported in the southern-metro area of Victoria alone.

YouTubers Paul Povh and Michael White spoke with 7 News to raise awareness of the dangers potholes pose to motorcyclists and general road safety and the importance of Snapping any potholes commuters may come across.

Kicked into action by a friend’s tragic death, the pair are determined to improve road safety. And that starts with reporting any and all potholes they come across. Paul warns that potholes are “extremely dangerous and can be fatal” to motorbike riders.

As we gear up for a busy season on our roads, prioritising pothole repairs and identification is more crucial than ever. It only takes 30 seconds to send a Snap off to the relevant Solver. Michael echos a strong point, Solvers “can’t do anything about it if they don’t know about it”.

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