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Become a Waste Warrior

Bankstown is currently grappling with a pressing concern – illegal dumping of rubbish. In the 9News feature, Canterbury Bankstown Mayor Bilal El-Hayek praises Snap Send Solve as a useful app, saying “it gives us an extra set of eyes.” He also assures that offenders will be prosecuted.

App users confirm that 44% of Snaps lead to resolutions within a week. Together, with increased reporting, we can drive positive change and create cleaner, safer communities. Julie Situ, Head of Marketing at Snap Send Solve, explains that every council in Australia and New Zealand benefit from Snap Send Solve reports, along with power companies, water companies, and retailers.

Do your bit in curbing illegal dumping – start Snapping today and become a Waste Warrior! Watch 9News' 'Waste Warriors' feature below for inspiration. And a heartfelt thank-you to Snapper Antony Ljulj, whose dedication to using Snap Send Solve has made a real difference in combating illegal dumping in Bankstown.