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An Increase in New South Wales Snaps

In 2023, New South Wales Solvers found themselves inundated with an impressive tally of over 239,000 Snaps, each capturing a unique facet of the community's concerns. Among these Snaps, parking woes, abandoned trolleys cluttering sidewalks, unsightly heaps of dumped rubbish, and tree troubles took centre stage as the most frequently reported issues.

However, amidst this influx of reports, New South Wales Solvers remained steadfast, maintaining an impressive Solve rate of 90%. Their unwavering dedication to addressing these issues speaks volumes about their commitment to serving the community.

Danny Gorog, the CEO of Snap Send Solve, took to the airwaves on Radio 2CA Canberra to delve into the escalating number of Snaps inundating Solvers. During his discussion, Gorog shed light on the misconception that authorities are inactive or indifferent to community concerns. On the contrary, he emphasised the substantial efforts undertaken by these agencies.

“There’s this misconception that these authorities aren’t doing very much, but actually they’re doing a lot… if the number is 90% they’re doing a pretty good job”.

Gorog's remarks not only underscore the tireless efforts of New South Wales Solvers but also serve to dispel any doubts regarding the effectiveness of governmental and municipal entities in addressing community issues.

Listen to the full segment below.