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ABC Sydney Breakfast: Surge in NSW Footpath Snaps

“It gives the community a sense of agency. Normally you feel a little helpless when you walk past these issues and you can’t do anything about them, but with Snap Send Solve… within 30 seconds you can report it to the right authority and get it resolved.”

Our CEO, Danny Gorog, recently shared these insights with James Valentine on ABC Sydney, shedding light on the remarkable 30% surge in footpath Snaps across western Sydney in the past 12 months

Snaps relating to damaged or broken Telco Pits have also seen a drastic rise in New South Wales, with nearly 10,000 Snaps in the last year. Interestingly, despite the rise in footpath Snaps, New South Wales councils proudly champion an overall 90.7% solve rate.

Learn more about the impact of Snapping footpath and pavement issues and how it plays a pivotal role in keeping our public spaces safe and accessible.

Sydney Snappers called up to voice their Snap Send Solve experiences.Keen Abandoned Trolleys Snapper, Sally, claims that it “just works so well” for her. Listen to the full story below: