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Abandoned Trolley Snaps Almost Triple

Abandoned trolley reports in New South Wales alone have almost tripled, having grown 189% compared to last year. Everyone gets annoyed when they see an abandoned trolley out and about. They can be an eyesore but add safety concerns to community spaces.

We were recently asked to speak on 2GB Radio to talk about trolleys being Snapped in NSW. Danny Gorog, CEO noted:

  • We’ll see close to 100,000 abandoned trolley Snaps across the whole country, with 35,000 of those likely to come from New South Wales
  • Snappers are more empowered to Snap abandoned trolleys when they see them, with “85% to 90% of Snappers tell us that using Snap Send Solve gets rid of the trolleys and gets them picked up”.

Each Snap is sent to the relevant retailer to help lost trolleys find their way back home, not burdening the local councils with the Snap. Learn more about reporting abandoned trolleys.

Inviting listeners to call up and share their abandoned trolley stories, presenter Deborah Knight kicked off the tales by sharing how a trolley always appears at low tide in her local bay. Listener, Harry, warned of the dangers of abandoned trolleys sharing how two tourists passed away after going down a local hill in an abandoned shopping trolley they found. Virginia details how 4 shoppings trolleys located opposite her house are being used as a bin for food waste.

Listen to the full interview below.

Start reporting abandoned trolleys today to keep our shared spaces safe, clean and great to be in.