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9News Melbourne: Abandoned Vehicles

Have you noticed the rise of scooters and e-bikes parked in the middle of paths, or blocking entrances and exits? For members of our community this can be a dangerous issue, with Managing Director of Push Mobility Shane Hryhorec saying “If you can’t use the path, you then have to use the road, which means dodging cars.”

That’s just one part of the 9News story we were recently featured in. Our data was used to illustrate that there has been a huge uptick in abandoned vehicles, from cars to scooters, by over 50%.

Snap Send Solve CEO Danny Gorog on 9News Melbourne

Regardless of the size of the vehicle, abandoned cars and bikes are often a main culprit for accessibility issues. From using an accessible parking spot without a permit, to blocking ramps for wheelchair users, what can seem small to some can greatly affect others in your community.

This isn’t to mention the environmental damage posed by these same abandoned vehicles. An old car or van can easily become home to pests, or be a major fire risk. Scooters and e-bikes are thrown into nature reserves or waterways, where the lithium-ion batteries can easily leak and cause damage to marine life.

Check out the 9News story to hear about the variety of issues caused by abandoned vehicles.