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9 News: Melbourne’s Illegal Dumping Nightmare

Melbourne’s north is grappling with an illegal dumping nightmare.

Channel 9’s, Reid Butler, shares exclusive Snap Send Solve data showing that the northern suburbs have seen a 72% increase in dumped rubbish.

Illegal dumping is not only an eyesore but has been linked to the recent asbestos infestation of Melbournes playgrounds.

Wyndham Council’s Litter Surveillance Officer, Chris Kentley, and Snap Send Solve CEO, Danny Gorog, share their thoughts on the increase in illegally dumped rubbish.

“The size of the bins we get as a community are getting smaller, and it’s getting more complicated to work out what goes where” shares Danny Gorog.
“People may avoid taking to the tip because of costs”, said Chris Kentley Wyndham Council’s Litter Surveillance Officer.

Despite council’s best efforts to curb illegal dumping, including the use of signage warning of 24-hour surveillance and fines, the warnings do little to deter illegal dumping offenders.

Watch the segment below.

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