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New Zealand’s Most Snapped Issues

In 2023, New Zealanders Snapped over 100,000 issues, with the Canterbury region taking the lead, contributing to just over 80% of these Snaps.

This increase in Snapping prompted some interesting responses from local officials, "some elected members have reported graffiti 200 to 300 times themselves," said Christchurch City councillor Celeste Donovan in response to the increase in Snaps received. Jonathan Killick delves deeper into this growth in New Zealand Snaps in his article for Stuff NZ, where he explores the top Snapped issues for each region in New Zealand.

From water-related concerns in Wellington to road conditions in Northland and graffiti woes in Canterbury, the diversity of issues reflects the varied challenges faced by communities across the country.

Curious to see how your area compares? Dive into the full article below to gain insights into the top concerns in your region and learn more about the trends shaping local communities in New Zealand.