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9 News Pot Hole Hell Hole

9 New Melbourne recently reported that a single massive pothole wreaked havoc on a local freeway. The pothole damaged over 25 vehicles and caused traffic chaos. Commuters became stranded on the roadside, changing tires and awaiting tow trucks. One driver even left his car overnight and simply walked home.

Tire Factory worker, Daron Collins, claims that “cars are brought in every couple of days with pothole damage.” The damage potholes can cause doesn’t end with needing a simple tire change. Potholes can write a car off, cause up to $3,000 worth of rim damage and in extreme cases be fatal. This year, Snap Send Solve data has seen a 21% surge in reported potholes in the South Melbourne Metro Area, totalling 1346 reports.

As we enter a high-traffic season, remember to Snap any potholes you see. Learn more about reporting potholes.

Watch the full 9 News story below.