Introducing QR Codes in Glen Eira City Council

After a five-year partnership, Snap Send Solve and Glen Eira City Council are collaborating on an innovative technology project that will improve how residents can communicate with Council.

At Snap Send Solve, we've been providing communities around Australia and New Zealand with a simple, convenient and accurate app meaning they can report issues that they see quickly, and on the spot. Now, we've partnered with Council to make community reporting even faster and more accurate through the innovative use of QR Codes.

Beginning 25 November 2022, residents in Glen Eira will be able to use QR codes, visible on popular community assets like public toilets, rubbish bins and water fountains, to report issues directly to Council with just a few taps. For those eager to report without using the app, the QR code technology has now made this possible - a first for Snap Send Solve.

We've seen a 34 percent increase in Glen Eira based Snappers since 2021, and reports are up 18 percent on last year, and looks to the new QR code initiative with hopes of continuing to make a happier community for all in the Glen Eira City Council area.

After rolling out these handy QR posters, we asked folks who hadn't used Snap Send Solve before but tried the QR code feature. And guess what? Almost half of the reports wouldn’t have been sent without the QR code there. That’s a lot more issues fixed for the next person.  

We're also thrilled to hear our community of Snappers would have reported using Snap Send Solve to Snap the issue anyway. It's heartwarming to see how the implementation of QR codes has made a positive impact on shared equipment in the community.

Glen Eira Mayor Cr Jim Magee said Council is committed to providing clean and attractive streetscapes, parks and facilities. “Snap Send Solve research indicates that 74 percent of people notice issues in their local communities, but only 31 per cent report them,” Cr Magee said.

“We hope that by providing an easier way for the community to report issues to Council, we will hear about community concerns faster, resulting in quicker action.”

A trip to the park over ten years ago led Danny Gorog and Snap Send Solve to this point. Danny visited a local Melbourne playground with his son, only to find that the swing was broken.  

“I remember thinking to myself: ‘How do I get this fixed? Who do I report this to?’ I had no idea, I didn’t even know what council I was in at the time.”

When he couldn't find an easy way to contact the right people, the idea for Snap Send Solve was born. Now, with the implementation of QR codes, we are empowering communities to improve shared spaces. 

CEO of Snap Send Solve Danny Gorog said the use of QR codes allowed customers to report common issues quickly and easily, without worrying about sending it to the right contact or downloading the app.

“It’s terrific to see one of Australia’s most innovative and customer-centric councils trial the updated platform to enhance the customer experience and improve trust with the community,” Danny said.

Initially, QR codes will be available in Caulfield Park and Railway Reserve in Carnegie, but Council will look to broaden this across the municipality if the platform is used effectively to report issues.

An illustrated graphic of the app screen with a Snapper character
An illustrated graphic of the app screen with a Snapper character
An illustrated graphic of the app screen with a Snapper character
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