QR codes are now in Frankston!

Snap Send Solve and Frankston City Council have partnered on an innovative QR code trial! Every morning Frankston City Council faces an influx of phone calls, many of which relate to reports of faulty parking meters. This manual process of receiving and handling complaints via phone is time consuming. It's also prone to errors, leading to inefficiencies and delays in addressing issues.

To improve efficiency, Frankston City Council teamed up with Snap Send Solve to trial an innovative solution. The project aims to reduce response times, improve report accuracy and offer an easy, streamlined process for the community.

Introduction of QR Code Technology

On 10 February 2023 QR codes were printed onto durable stickers and applied to parking meters across Frankston. Now, if someone has an issue with a parking meter, they’re able to report the fault to the council within seconds.

Upon scanning the QR code, a form is launched on the user’s phone without needing to download the app. The form asks for the person's car make, model and registration number. Photos and a description can be added before tapping ‘Send Report’. The report is instantly received by council as an integrated digital request within their CRM system. The request is then triaged quickly to a repair team.

Improved Accuracy and Tracking

Not only does a QR code make reporting of faults faster for the community, the reports sent to council are highly accurate. Each QR code is unique as it includes the exact location of the parking meter. Scans can be tracked to measure engagement, allowing the council to monitor how many people are interacting with them. QR code reports will offer insights into which machines are more faulty than others.

Potential for Future Expansion

QR codes are currently available on parking meters throughout Frankston and, depending upon engagement, council will look at broadening the scope to other public assets.

Join the Digital Community!

Along with Glen Eira City Council (who previously launched a QR code trial), Frankston City Council is embracing its digital community and moving towards a smarter, more connected future.

If you’re interested in trialing QR codes on public assets, get in touch! contact@snapsendsolve.com

An illustrated graphic of the app screen with a Snapper character
An illustrated graphic of the app screen with a Snapper character
An illustrated graphic of the app screen with a Snapper character
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