Incident Customisation

Add, customise and remove in-app incidents as an Enterprise Solver.

Tailor our platform to fit your community’s unique needs and see a boost in your resolution times. Make every Snap count by customising incidents to be most relevant to your customers.

Whether it’s creating new incident types, adding additional questions, personalising info screens, or managing email notifications on a per-incident basis, you can do it all within the Snap Send Solve Portal.

Improve First Point Resolution

Receive all the necessary details right from the start. Customise the in-app and webform experience by the incident type - whether you need a phone call, or a registration number, or a more detailed location than a geo-coordinate can provide.

Say goodbye to second-guessing and back-and-forth communications.

A snapshot of customised in-app experiences already in action…

An illustrated graphic of the app screen with a Snapper character

Create a new incident tailored to your shared space

Niche issue? You can set up a custom incident for it.

Many of our Queensland Solvers have already set up custom incidents to tackle the increase in invasive species and noxious weeds in their local area.

An illustrated graphic of the app screen with a Snapper character

Get the full picture with additional questions

Need more details before you can action a report?

There’s no need to have a back and forth conversation, get the full picture right from the start by adding additional questions.

Questions added by Solvers to our most commonly reported issue, dumped rubbish are:

  • What types of items are present?
  • What type of area is the rubbish located in?
  • Did you witness the rubbish being dumped?
An illustrated graphic of the app screen with a Snapper character

Let Snappers know what to expect

Ease residents' worries about their report or request not being actioned by adding custom info screens.

If a specific incident type will always be managed as part of scheduled works, an info screen can give the Snapper that heads-up.

Set up more urgent issues so they require a phone call, too.

Easily iterate and make changes in real-time.

The custom incident config is intuitive. Review your changes in the portal and publish to instantly update the Snapper experience in the Snap Send Solve app.

Modify the email addresses notified (including multiple addresses!) on a per-incident basis.

Add or remove info and call screens for incidents.

Select an icon to be displayed for the custom incident type.

Toggle custom incidents via the new Status option.

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