All Solvers can 'reassign' Snaps

At Snap Send Solve, we put the power to make little changes in the hands of many. Our free app makes it easy to notify the right people about issues that need a little attention. Occasionally Snaps are sent to the wrong Solver - so we have made sure all local councils and every other Solver on our platform can reassign them.

All organisations can work to Solve issues more seamlessly by using our ‘Reassign’ portal feature - for free to all 850+ Solvers on our platform across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

Free 'Reassign' Feature

Within a few clicks, swiftly reassign any Snap to the best Solver and notify the Snapper, all at once.

Exciting benefits

Save Customer Experience and Service Staff Time

Instead of manually calling, logging a new issue, or asking the Snapper to do so themselves, our solution saves valuable time.

Track Progress

Snappers can automatically track their Snap’s progress throughout its Solving journey using our free app.

Foster Trust

Not only does this foster a sense of involvement for Snappers, but also a strong sense of confidence in our Solvers and trust within our communities as a whole.

Hear what our customers say

Yarra Valley Water

Stephen Pepping - Manager Service Interactions, Yarra Valley Water

"We do get reports that end up being for a council or other authorities. If it’s a call we have to go through and explain this to the customer, and sometimes transfer or call the other authority. However, with Snap Send Solve reports, we can triage it to another authority. For example, if it’s clearly a stormwater issue we can just send it onto the council."

City of Port Phillip

Melanie Darmanin - Head of Customer and Business Improvement, City of Port Phillip

"If we receive a Snap that council can’t resolve, such as a damaged Telstra pit lid, we’re able to easily reassign the request within Snap Send Solve to the correct service authority to action. This saves staff time not having to log requests directly with the service authority, and it provides a more seamless experience for our customers as they can continue to follow the progress of the Snap via the app. We will continue to promote Snap Send Solve because it is so easy. Both residents and staff love Snap Send Solve."

Ensure Snaps always reach the right Solver

Our free reassign feature encapsulates the spirit of Snap Send Solve - connecting communities with problem-solving authorities, facilitating solutions, and empowering individuals. It strengthens bonds between Solvers and their communities, empowers people to be more proactive in improving their neighbourhood, and ensures Snaps always reach the right Solver.

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An illustrated graphic of the app screen with a Snapper character
An illustrated graphic of the app screen with a Snapper character
An illustrated graphic of the app screen with a Snapper character
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